Build a Better Safety Culture: Motivate, Engage, and Inspire

A culture of safety cannot and will not happen without the active engagement of employees — at all levels. Leaders at all levels must have a variety of tools in their toolbox and use them to successfully secure and maintain employee buy-in. Identify what motivates employees in different situations, and how to use that to make the “safety sale.” Through real-life case studies, examine engagement strategies, what type of safety incentives are compliant and actually work, and how to sustain a safety culture by engaging your hidden leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Define employee engagement and identify motivation factors using different management theories
  • Discuss leading and lagging indicators for safety performance and their merits.
  • Review six best practices for incentivizing safety.
  • Discuss the top five methods an organization or a safety professional can use to create a better safety culture in today’s world.
  • When given a template, develop a simple Engagement Gap Analysis and Action Plan to increase employee engagement around safety.

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