Seven Practical Steps to Build a Culture of Safety and Human Reliability

Unwanted errors in workplaces like yours can disrupt lives, ruin careers, and waste $37 billion each year. Join me to learn seven practical steps used by: pilots, nurses, firefighters, air traffic controllers, and other high-reliability teams around the world: (1) Take a Learning-Based Approach. (2) Build Psychological Safety. (3) Lead After Action Reviews. (4) Transform Investigations. (5) Apply Defenses. (6) Improve Systems. (7) Build Resilience. Includes a two-page summary handout. To learn more, watch this quick 2-minute video —

Learning Objectives

  • Seven practical steps to take to build a culture of safety & reliability in your team
  • The hidden trap that teams fall into when they rely solely on classic error-prevention tools.
  • Three differences between the Control-Based approach to errors vs. the Learning-Based approach to errors

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