Industrial Hygiene - It's All Geek to Me

How do you speak to an Industrial Hygienist (IH)? Heck how do you know if you even need one? Do you find it hard to ID industrial hygiene hazards or understand why actions to control a particular hazard must be prioritized. Industrial Hygienists may confuse or overwhelm you when they cite data or the requirements of OSHA regulations, you may even wonder if it is all worth the hype? Fear no more, here you will learn the basics of what to look for, how to fix it yourself and when to ask a pro for help. Sure, IH is like another language, but once you have the basics it will make more sense.


At the end of this program, learners will be able to:

Describe methods to recognize, evaluate, and control industrial hygiene hazards at your company.
Determine where to go for help to fix these issues.
Develop a plan to control your IH risks at work.

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