Improving Your Leadership: Effective Communication and Influence

Some people are born leaders. But if you’re not, leadership and influencing skills can be learned, but first you have to understand who you work with and a little about yourself too. Understanding team dynamics and how you fit to ensure a safe worksite are critical to success. Hear how you can control the conversation by learning how others need to hear from you. You can practice and perfect your influencing skills and techniques to achieve better leadership – and even train others to lead. Join Regina for this self reflective and insightful program. You’ll learn how to communicate, influence and motivate your teams and leaders to achieve safety goals.

At the end of this program, learners will be able to:

  • Define the power structures that exist in your organization and how that impacts leadership growth.
  • Identify verbal and body language communication skills improvement opportunities.
  • Exhibit leadership behavior that will add to the success of your safety effort.
  • Use strategies that will influence your workforce to achieve safety goals.

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