Workplace Safety

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Safety Speaker

Why Hire a Professional Safety Speaker? Groan! Another safety meeting! Do your team members  roll their eyes, shift in their seats and generally “disconnect” when the topic of safety is mentioned? Perhaps they are thinking, “Here we go again. I’ve heard all this before. Yawn! I mean come on, OSHA updates, the latest policy changes, […]

Workplace Safety

5 Tips for Hiring a Safety Speaker

 How to Find and Hire a Professional Safety Speaker You’ve decided to spend some money and hire a speaker for your upcoming company safety event, but where do you even start? Finding a safety speaker who is right for your team, your budget and your goals are all important. So, before you even start […]

Workplace Safety

Free (Or Cheap) Online Training Tools Designed to Make Training Better

 When it comes to creating great training, there isn’t a single approach that works for everyone – and that’s okay! Trainers and facilitators can improve their Ninja skills and add to their toolkit to improve learning transfer and keep our people safe.  Whether it is virtual or face to face there are several online […]

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